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Healing List

If you or someone you know would like absent healing please feel free to forward their name for inclusion on this list, to do so by sending me an email with the name of the recipient and state 'Healing request'. We will add your request as soon as possible, and our Healers will send their healing thoughts & prayers to those in need! However we can not guaranty a cure for any physical problems!

Please be aware though that all names forwarded may not be included if they seem to be bogus. This is at the discrection of the webmaster.

 Email to [email protected]



  • Eve Anderson
  • Peggy Bennett
  • Michael Cole
  • David Ramsey
  • Monty Havelock
  • Harley Andrews
  • Margaret Pullock
  • Bell Green
  • Jenny Anderson
  • Eddie Corbett
  • Mary Quinn
  • Adel Tewart
  • Clare Dunn
  • John Ellison
  • Tina Nash
  • Kevin Lines
  • Angie Lines
  • Irene Lines
  • Dave
  • Margaret Smith

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